Collaborative - Lynn InstituteThe Lynn Lifestyle Summary—Northeast Oklahoma City 2016 launched the Collaborative on February 29, 2016. The Collaborative shares an aligned vision for Northeast Oklahoma City, and serves without compensation or financial benefit to them individually or to their businesses/private interests. Members are selected for 10-year term with commitment to find their comparable replacement should they need to vacate. More than 30 individuals have come together to make up this collaborative, representing an array of industries and interests. From local government, religious organizations, education, private businesses, to healthcare, we are grateful for their knowledge, experience, and passion for the communities they serve.

Work of the Collaborative:

  • To review, understand, and interpret potential ramifications, barriers and opportunities of the Lynn Lifestyle Summary.
  • To develop Collaborative membership broad enough to handle or know how to identify support for all Northeast Oklahoma City lifestyle issues but focused enough to have members committed to the work for a period of up to 10 years. Lifestyle Collaborative memberships will be staggered 2-year terms.
  • The Collaborative will meet regularly and will hold itself accountable to achieve certain measurable goals identified by the Collaborative and in concert and support of the work of the Oklahoma City County Health Department and other health improvement institutions.


  • To increase awareness of the lifestyle issues within Northeast Oklahoma City.
  • To improve communications among those concerned and involved with the lifestyle issues of Northeast Oklahoma City.
  • To provide a forum where like-minded people can work together to facilitate, develop and implement solutions for the lifestyle issues of Northeast Oklahoma City.
  • To identify programs, services, and partnerships which can work together to improve the lifestyle issues of Northeast Oklahoma City.
  • To provide a vehicle where all interested parties including the public at large, health providers, educators, churches, employers, government agencies, friends and neighbors, can help support lifestyle changes through their time, services, programs, or revenue.
  • The Lynn Healthy Community Team will serve as facilitators of the Collaborative. As designated by the Lynn Institute’s Community Health Planning and Review Committee, Lynn staff will assist with organization of Collaborative meetings and serve as an informational resource for members of the Collaborative and the work they will implement.