Count Me In 4 Kids

CMI4K Count Me In 4 KidsEvery child has a family that loves and nurtures them and has a safe place to call home.

Count Me In 4 Kids seeks to establish a sustainable forum to best match the needs of at-risk and foster children, foster families, and children aging out of foster care with those who can provide them with services they need and with individuals and entities who want to help.

At the heart of this vision is a shared a belief that these children need all of us to succeed. The collaborative will exist to shine a light on the idea that each of us can do our part and to connect resources with the needs of these children and families.

In the summer of 2012, a group of Oklahoma City business leaders began to dream about engaging the citizens of Oklahoma City in support of some of the state’s most vulnerable children…those at risk for or in foster care. Realizing that the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) shouldn’t have to bear the responsibility of recruiting foster parents and supporting these children and families alone, a new public/private collaborative, Count Me In 4 Kids (CMI4K) was launched.

As a result of many discussions about what could make a meaningful difference for these children, a framework has been developed that will establish a sustainable infrastructure (clearinghouse) to better connect the organizations serving these children and families and to significantly increase public participation in providing appropriate, timely, loving homes and support for children in foster care, while also providing support for their families and foster families.


The Count Me In 4 Kids framework includes five key objectives:

  • Increase the awareness level of all Oklahomans of the conditions, needs and ways to support and nurture children and families in foster care.
  • Maintain a collaborative leadership group that will provide leadership, energy and commitment to developing and implementing new processes for this service.
  • Maintain an infrastructure that can match needs and services, and do so in a timely, customer-friendly manner.
  • Engage the interest of more Oklahomans in becoming foster parents.
  • Identify, engage and organize donors and volunteers to broaden the base of people who take ownership of the needs of children in foster care.