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Lynn Institute conducts research to determine assets in a community, identify unmet needs, and interview constituents. Based on the research, Lynn Institute may publish or share specific community health issues and when possible and appropriate, convene and lead select collaboratives to implement and sustain “Lynn Healthy Community Plans.”

To date, Lynn Institute has conducted two in-depth, qualitative and quantitative studies of specific zip code areas in Oklahoma City, examining the unique assets and challenges facing each community. PDF versions of the complete studies are available for your convenience.

The Lynn Process

The mission of the Lynn Institute for Healthcare Research, Inc., a nonprofit organization, is to measurably improve the health of the communities it serves. We fulfill our mission by adhering to a structured four-point plan to build a healthy community. What makes the Lynn Process unique?

The Lynn Process offers objectivity and sustainability, with a track record of impeccable research. From the outset, there is a defined geographic area or specific population for goal measurement. The business and private sector offers the leadership, but operates out of a partnership with all parties.

Lynn Healthy Community Planning - Lynn Institute

Lifestyle Summaries

The Lynn Lifestyle Summary—Northeast Oklahoma City 2016

In March 2014, the Lynn Institute for Healthcare Research, Inc., undertook a comprehensive assessment of Northeast Oklahoma City as the first step of a multi-year program to measurably improve the health of the community. Northeast Oklahoma City is defined as zip codes 73105, 73111 and 73117. These zip codes comprise a 20-square mile area and include some 22,000 of Northeast Oklahoma City’s 33,000 residents. This report summarizes both assets and challenges of the subject area, as reflected in available statistical data and interviews with community leaders and residents.

Lynn Lifestyle Summary—Crossings Mission and Outreach Ministries Zip Code Study 2016

Crossings Mission & Outreach Ministries Zip Code Study 2016 had as its purpose to determine the current populations and assets available within Crossings service areas, seeking to ultimately determine ways how Crossings can provide not only more health services but also how to impact the overall wellbeing of the lives of people in their communities. The Lynn Researchers conducted comprehensive reviews of (1) history and assets, (2) quantitative data, and (3) original qualitative research of interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Four primary market Zip Codes, 73114, 73120, 73132, and 73162, were studied between April-October, 2016. Literature searches provided the background for compiling history and assets; quantitative demographic data utilized local and national data sources on all major wellbeing conditions: economy, education, household composition and housing values, transportation, employment, housing conditions, crime, and all things physical and mental health.

Crossings Mission and Outreach Study