Crossings Lifestyle Summary

Crossings Mission & Outreach Ministries Zip Code Study 2016 purposed to determine the current populations and assets available within Crossings service areas, seeking to ultimately determine ways Crossings can provide not only more health services but also how to impact the overall wellbeing of the lives of people in their communities.

The Lynn Institute conducted comprehensive reviews of history and assets, quantitative data, and original qualitative research of interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

Four primary market zip codes, 73114, 73120, 73132, and 73162, were studied between April-October 2016.

The qualitative data collected provides insight into the needs and wants of the current target population as well as potential clients of the Crossings Clinic and Community Center. The study included a combination of maximum variation and expert purposive sampling.

Quantitative statistical data from government sources such as the Oklahoma City County Health Department, Oklahoma State Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – to provide the base of the quantitative demographic data and a consistent, comparable reference set. Data directed by the literature search was gathered at zip code level from publications and accessible public domain databases. Original source data was developed if no public database was available. Sources from large databases were used as often as possible.

Crossings Mission and Outreach Ministries study