Northeast OKC

In March 2014, the Lynn Institute for Healthcare Research, Inc., undertook a comprehensive assessment of Northeast Oklahoma City as the first step of a multi-year program to measurably improve the health of the community.

Northeast Oklahoma City is defined as zip codes 73105, 73111 and 73117. These zip codes comprise a 20-square mile area and include some 22,000 of Northeast Oklahoma City’s 33,000 residents. The report summarizes both assets and challenges of the subject area, as reflected in available statistical data and interviews with community leaders and residents.

The Lynn Lifestyle Summary—Northeast Oklahoma City is the most comprehensive overview of Northeast Oklahoma City ever developed or published.

The process of determining the quantitative description of Northeast Oklahoma City involved detailed steps based on a literature search and subsequent tracking and review of over 1,000 references. Data directed by the literature search was gathered at zip code level from publications and accessible public domain databases. Original source data was developed if no public database was available. Sources from large databases were used as often as possible and include 856 data elements in addition to numerous rankings. In total, more than 4,000 data pieces were collected at the zip code, city, county, state and/or national level.

The Lynn Healthy Community Team obtained input from 56 influence leaders through structured interviews, 12 focus groups, and 61 informal interviews. Combined, this data identities or explains critical issues, which may be either barriers or opportunities to improve the conditions within Northeast Oklahoma City. Questions for each qualitative research segment were based upon specific goals and objectives as determined by the vision and mission of the Lynn Institute for Healthcare Research, Inc. Structured Interviews included, but were not limited to, area professionals, church leaders, health care experts, and city officials while focus groups and informal interviews were comprised of Northeast Oklahoma City residents. Each focus group lasted one hour and was conducted at a variety of Northeast locations. The Lynn Healthy Community Team served as facilitators and encouraged each focus group member to participate.

Lynn Lifestyle Summary – Northeast Oklahoma City 2016