Our mission is to measurably improve the health of the communities we serve.

Know Your Risk.  

If you are under the age of 60 and generally healthy, please don’t run to the emergency room or urgent care demanding testing. There are people in our community for whom COVID-19 is truly emergent. This includes individuals over the age of 60, those with underlying chronic conditions, pregnant women and others that suffer from immuno-compromised conditions. 

Stay Home.  

If you become symptomatic, stay home. COVID-19 is a cold-like virus, so you should approach it the same way you approach a cold. Get some rest, drink plenty of fluids and if you don’t start feeling better in a few days, call your provider and determine the best next steps for you and your family. If you have family or friends sharing your space, they need to stay home too. Play some board games, get your best game of charades going, or just watch movies. Just don’t take the party to the nearest pizza place or arcade. 

Stay Calm and Wash Your Hands.  

Say it with us. Stay calm. Wash your hands. We know the constant media and news feeds coming across your smartphone are raising your anxiety. Is that a cough or sneeze you heard coming from the office next to you? Practice isn’t canceled, but a kid on the team is home with a cold, is it undiagnosed COVID-19? We cannot stress this enough – if you or members of your family are experiencing cold- or allergy-like symptoms, please stay home. You can find almost anything on the internet to support your theories of spread and containment, but we want to remind you – it’s important to stick to the facts.

Stay Home.  

This is not a typo. It is so important that we wanted to repeat it. Social distancing is not a joke, or a meme on social media. It really is the easiest way to help contain the spread, and one that each of us can adhere to for our neighbors, family and friends. We know it’s spring break. We know it’s hard to stay home when you have work and life and responsibilities, but we’re asking you to think about the people you love, and how important it is to you that they stay healthy. Help us, help you.

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